Brave New World In Our Messed Up World

As part of the Back to Classics Challenge, I chose to reread Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I first read this novel in 8th grade at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in NYC, however, I do not think I fully grasped the ideas presented in the book at that age. I do remember feeling torn apart by the ideas of controlled destiny.

I grew up in a home where I was always fighting for control. I often felt that I needed my mother’s permission to simply exist. By high school, I longed for the freedom to be flawed. This battle had a devastating effect on me, and I spent much time withdrawn and creating drama where none existed just to have a reason to rage. Continue reading

6 Amazing Read Aloud Picture Books (and 1 Independent Reading)

*Originally Published on Published here with permission.

I absolutely love the blog, I Capture the Rowhouse, and Farrar’s frequent posts about what her family is reading inspired me to share similarly here. We read a lot and I really want a better way of keeping a record of what we are reading. As I look for a way that works for our family, I will share some of the books we’ve been losing ourselves in for hours at at time. Continue reading

30 “Classic” Must-Read Books

A friend’s post on Facebook sparked this blog post. I’m often surprised by how many people have not read novels that I thought were middle and high school staples. And I’m even more shocked by those people who have gone to college, and graduated from, college without having read Orwell’s “1984” or “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood.

This list began as a top 10 list of my favorite classics and then morphed (after several edits) into this one. I am planning several follow-ups to this list because my personal list is too long. Continue reading